Floyd Mueller Portrait

Read: Designer Catchups: Florian Mueller

Date: August 15, 2015

Author: Dermot McGuire

Watch: Margie Fraser on CUSP at State Library of Queensland

Date: August 15, 2015


We recently went to Brisbane to visit CUSP: Designing into the Next Decade, which was exhibiting at the State Library of Queensland. As part of†CUSP,†we’re heading to each venue to chat to someone local in the area who can provide an insight into what†CUSP†does or doesn’t provide to the region – an insight from the sector into what¬†the exhibition†really means. We spoke with writer and editor of the design and architecture publication world, Margie Fraser, about her experience.

Fraser’s first impression of CUSP was one of delight, as she cited the installations as both inspirational and very evocative. The acclaimed writer spoke about the trend of design exhibitions becoming staticĚ, with CUSP going beyond these normal conventions through the exploration of multiple disciplines and ideas. She asked the question of how we can make a better world by addressing social and cultural issues, which is the dialogue that the exhibition endeavours tries to create amongst its audiences. More specially to the locale of Brisbane, Fraser discusses how the city¬†has had a healthy design scene for some time, with many idea makers collaborating within in pre-established creative spaces, such as Artisan. As her closing thoughts, Fraser commended the level of collaboration that CUSP has tried to embrace, and hoped for an exhibition sequel to explore design issues for the following decade.

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