Watch: Craig Teasdell on CUSP at The Glasshouse

Date: August 16, 2015


We recently went to Port Macquarie in New South Wales, which was exhibiting at The Glasshouse. As part of CUSP, we’re heading to each venue to chat to someone local in the area who can provide an insight into what CUSP does or doesn’t provide to the region – an insight from the sector into what the exhibition really means. We spoke with architect, Craig Teasdell, about his experience.

Teasdell’s first impression of the CUSP was that it brings ideas to the forefront in an area where design is normally a little bit silent and working behind-the-scenes. What he also commended was the exhibition’s level of accessibility to the general public; “You don’t have to be a designer to engage in design, commented Teasdell. As an architect, he spoke of his attraction to the built form, which is why he was also intrigued by the notion of data visualization in its non-tangible form. Specifically, he was excited by the notion of data volume, and the legibility of this amazing fabric of information.

In closing, he commended on CUSP as centering design as the most exciting place to be, showing snippets of people’s thinking by allowing the general public to see what is happening with design locally, and around the world. He closed on a note of recognition suggesting that CUSP engages interest with showing design thinking, rather than design as a final, polished product.

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