Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre

Liverpool City, where Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre (CPAC) is located, is one of the most culturally diverse regions in Sydney, representing over 150 different birthplaces around the world.

The region is host to a variety of industry and development types, from agriculture to manufacturing, city high rises to urban dwellings, and includes a large training hospital playing host to much of Western Sydney’s medical research and practice. CUSP promises to inspire and inform this diverse audience, many of whom are skilled trades workers and labourers with an enormous interest in innovative design and technologies in the home and workplace.

The Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre is a multi-disciplinary arts space located in the Liverpool local government area in the south-west of Sydney. Situated on Tharawal country, the unique building was originally constructed in 1951, operating as a power station until its decommissioning in 1976.

Since reopening as an arts centre in 1994, Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre has been responsive to its local and international communities. Over 150 languages are spoken in the local area, meaning the audiences are diverse, and its artistic offerings cater to this diversity.

Featuring numerous galleries, a theatre and two artist studios, Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre is a vibrant space where ideas, art forms and philosophies fuse.

10am–5pm, 7 days. (Please note, to access Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre by road, you need to enter via Shepherd St, Liverpool.)

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1 Powerhouse Rd, Casula, NSW, Australia