Jess Scully

Watch: Jess Scully on CUSP at CPAC

Date: December 3, 2013

Author: Ross Colebatch

Read: CUSP Sydney Wrap Up

Date: December 3, 2013

Author: Sophie Harrington

MASTERThanks to the 20,000+ of you who visited, listened, made, spoke, folded, hung, sat, played, touched, sang and shared your heartbeat with us at CUSP: Designing into the Next Decade in Sydney!

CUSP features 12 visionary Australian designers from very different fields, with totally different styles of practice and work. The exhibition in Sydney at our presenting partner Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre was the perfect storm: provocative ideas, sensational venue and a striking fit-out by Freeman Ryan Design. The whole was so much more than merely the sum of its parts!

Talks In Transit
Who would have thought robots and ballet have anything in common? Or music and architecture for that matter? Undoubtedly a standout in our program, this public talk series threw big brains from diverse fields together in conversation on a moving train, to find common ground. Listen to what you missed here.

Getting Schooled In Design
Over 4 huge days at the WOW Festival for Kids and in all our learning programs more than 6,000 kids experienced design first-hand at CUSP. We’re pretty chuffed and count this as a big win, as it gave kids the chance to engage with the process of design and build it into the way they think and learn – designing brighter futures.

Website is your portal to all the great digital parts of CUSP. Not only is it the place to go for all of the practical details about CUSP, it is also the home of the micro-documentary series about the designers, interviews, commentary, articles and more. The best bit is we’re always adding to it, so come back and visit us often!

Super Critical Mass Performance
Can design change how we listen? Super Critical Mass treated the opening night audience with a live performance of Pivotal: From me to you & back again. Their work asked us to understand our surrounds using dispersed sound and human bodies. The result was an ephemeral immersive and utterly haunting performance-installation.

On The Road
If you missed CUSP in Sydney, never fear – it is touring nationally until mid-2015 so there are plenty more chances for you to catch it in person. Next stop is JamFactory in Adelaide and the Barossa Valley from 9 February to 26 April 2014. Check out the rest of the scheduled venues here.