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Date: May 24, 2013

Author: Ross Colebatch

Read: MaterialByProduct Private Home Showing

Date: May 24, 2013

Author: Su-wen Leong


Running in out of the rain, we were privy to a private showing of a fashion event like no other.

Hosted by a long-standing devotee of the brand, an open house was the setting for a MaterialByProduct fashion performance of the most intimate kind.

Up from Melbourne to fine tune details for the upcoming CUSP exhibition with choreographer Shelley Lasica, designer Susan Dimasi showed us why she really is on the ‘cusp’ of design.

Playing out like a normal dinner party, guests mingled over canapés and drinks, and chatted amongst themselves, including the designer and performer.

Without any verbal instruction, we followed Susan and Shelley to the low-lying marble table in the centre of the living room.
Shelley slowly moved in and out of the garments resting on the table, assisted by Susan as needed, in what could only be described as a fashion dressing in slow movement. This organic process not only elevated the art of dressing to a ritualistic act, it poetically showed the beauty and versatility of each garment as it slid on and off the body—highlighting the form and architecture of the pieces in action.

The performance drew to a close as Susan helped Shelley into her shoes, leaving guests wanting to try on the garments themselves. Harking back to couture showings and custom fittings, I left feeling inspired and amazed at the work Susan does using her own language in every way.

I can’t wait to see what she exhibits as one of the twelve designers in CUSP in July, and am looking forward to the MaterialByProduct performance in Object Gallery!