Listen: Zero Hero vs the Futurologist

Date: August 2, 2013

Author: Ross Colebatch

ZeroHeroOn July 20 we kicked off our Talks In Transit series with Zero Hero vs the Futurologist. On a train from Central Station to Casula Station one Saturday morning, passengers in a carriage were treated to an interactive talk-cum-workshop from CUSP designer and ecological warrior Stephen Mushin with futurist Stuart Candy. The pair talked on the question ‘Are we evolving or revolving?’, in the process getting the audience members to devise ingenious solutions to current problems through the creation of fantastical systems and machines.

Listen to the audio below or download to enjoy the podcast at your leisure. And make sure you book your tickets now for the third and fourth Talks In Transit, coming up in August.

You can also download the track from the CUSP: Designing into the Next Decade collection on Object: Australian Design Centre on iTunes U.

Talks In Transit are possible thanks to the support of Sydney Trains.

Photos by Danielle Robson.