Greg More

“Data Visualisation is a new paradigm of communication where aesthetics, temporality and vast quantities of data are used to provide clarity to complex situations. This is a scale shift – an order of magnitude difference – in thinking about how data and information is presented.” – Greg More

We live in an age where information is more prolific and widely available than ever before. To harness information, and to transfer it into knowledge, is the key to our capacity to make sense of the world. Indeed, visual forms of communication provide efficient access to knowledge, acting as a powerful determinant of understanding. Data visualisation has broad application to business, learning, social, political and cultural realms – essentially any field that requires the communication of an idea.

As a designer, founder of data visualisation studio OOM Creative, and Senior Lecturer at RMIT University, Greg More specialises in translating massive amounts of complex data into visually elegant displays. These displays tell powerful stories. Past projects include visual presentation of the use of water within urban environments (especially relevant during Melbourne’s severe water shortages) and a dynamic digital interface that allows users to seamlessly navigate vast amounts of multi-media. The latter was exhibited as part of Design and the Elastic Mind at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, in 2008.

More’s contribution to CUSP is a series of visualisation ‘episodes’ that show scales of information conversion, drawing on his extensive repertoire of projects in recent years. Presented on a large format screen in the exhibition space, these visually-rich graphic animations are accompanied by a soundscape, enabling total immersion into the story being expressed. This audio-visual presentation will be live feeding from the internet, enabling the showcasing of new projects as they are completed by More between 2013-2015.

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