Read: CUSP: The Sausage Factory

Date: October 27, 2011

Author: Ross Colebatch

Read: CUSP: A Start

Date: October 27, 2011

Author: Danielle Robson

Hello there. A little over 12 months ago I had a hallway conversation with Object’s Head of Creative Programs, Kathryn Hunyor, that set me off on an inspiring, scary, and extraordinary journey. The proposition? To take a seed of an exhibition idea, and turn it into a major funding application. Intriguing? Yes. Daunting? Undoubtedly. Resistible? Not at all.

What followed was an intensive period of brainstorming, research, talking, thinking, writing, drawing, cajoling, pleading, more writing, budgeting, eleventh-hour re-writes, and ultimately, a successful grant application for the development and tour of a major exhibition.

That project is CUSP: Design for the next decade.

CUSP is a project that looks at people and projects on the ‘cusp’ of a breakthrough that have the potential to bring about significant change in the decade ahead. It is a creative program about design and its ability to transform the way we understand and engage with the world.

This is not a project that aspires to predict the future, or suggests who the ‘next big names in design’ are. It is a question, a journey, a process, and a giant learning curve — hopefully for us all — about the role and potential of design.

We are a small team currently in the throes of research and development, with a digital component set to go live early next year, and the exhibition scheduled to launch in early 2013. After Sydney, CUSP hits the road, touring nationally to six venues across five states over two years.

In the very early stages of planning, we all agreed that access and insight into the development process was of critical importance. Rather than wait until 2013 to show you all what we’ve been up to, we want you to get involved NOW. Be with us as we experience the exciting breakthroughs, the changes-of-tack, the curly debates — all the moments of brilliance and heartache that will inevitably occur — as our project takes shape.

As the creative cogs gather speed, this blog will document the ‘making of’ CUSP. Join me on this journey, and let me know your thoughts…


Danielle Robson is the Producer: Programs and Research for Object. She is producing CUSP: Design for the next decade and will be blogging about the process over the life of the project.

This post originally appeared on Object Eye here.