Object: Australian Design Centre

For 50 years, Object: Australian Design Centre has been a leader in providing access to outstanding exhibitions of design, working with major museums across Australia and throughout world capitals.

Object’s partnership with Lend Lease to locate a home for the new Australian Design Centre at Barangaroo is a commitment to a bold vision. It is a vision for a new hub that puts Australian design in a global context. It provides an international gateway into the world of Australian design.

The Australian Design Centre offers open access to groundbreaking innovation and ambitious ideas. Through its exhibitions and public programs, the Australian Design centre explores design as a field of practice and a way of thinking. It demonstrates that design is a key pathway to innovation and that through design Australian can make its mark as a creative, confident and competitive country.

The new Centre will play host to Australia’s leading designers. It will provide audiences with engaging opportunities to learn about products, processes and solutions that can improve their lives and provide industry with access to live engine rooms where concepts can be stimulated and new ideas are born.

Driving all of our activities is an ambition to foster creativity and provoke audiences to explore the potential of design in our lives, empowering them to shape the future.

As we invite, share, incubate and showcase the best of innovation and design-led practices, the new Australian Design Centre will be a catalyst for bold ideas in New South Wales.

CUSP: Designing into the Next Decade is a prototype for what we see the Australian Design Centre of the future to be. Incorporating a visionary creative program visiting seven national venues, an enhanced online experience, and Object’s pioneering Design Emergency program, CUSP is a program full of activity that is, at its heart, about instilling how design, design process and design thinking can enrich every facet of Australia.